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Course Schedule

We meet each morning at one of the diving centers in Jeddah as our central starting point. Here we do registration, theory and we also get your scuba equipment.

Course Theory

There are knowledge reviews to be done as homework, which we will mark and review with you. There is no exam for the advanced certification. This course is also available on e-learning, which is a great option if you are pressed for time, or do not want to be doing theory homework while you are on holiday in Jeddah, but please note that you will not be receiving a crew pack in this case and that there is a fee payable to PADI.

Course Open Water Dives

When you do your Advanced Open Water Scuba Course, you have to do 5 “adventure” dives. This is usually done over 2 to 3 days, but these days do not need to be consecutively.

You can choose out of the following types of dives:

  • Deep Diving course – on this scuba adventure we take you deeper than 18 meters (to a maximum of 30 meters) and we teach you how to deal with things like Nitrogen narcosis, ascending and descending and we also show you how some colours disappear on the way down. Diving deeper than 18 meters is a really valuable skill for any diver, especially if you want to visit deeper wrecks or reefs. The deepest we can go in Jeddah is 33 meters.

  • Underwater Photography– take pictures of the amazing things that you see underwater and share them with your friends! Nothing quite says “I was there!” like a picture.

  • Underwater Navigation– Knowing where you are going is important when you are scuba diving. The navigation skills that we teach will come in very handy in all of your scuba dives!

  • Wreck Diving – wreck diving is awesome! Not only does history come alive, but animals also love to live in and on wrecks – they make great artificial reefs. We will teach you how to navigate your way safely around shipwrecks. Over the decades tens of ships have sunk around the shores of Jeddah. There is therefore no shortage of excellent wrecks to explore near Jeddah city.

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Scuba Diving – good buoyancy is an essential skill that is used on every single scuba dive that you do! Good buoyancy skills will improve your air consumption, your comfort under water and will also help you to protect the delicate sea life!

  • Search and Recovery Diving – as a diver, someone might ask you to recover something for them that they have lost in the water. In this scuba dive we teach you different search patterns, and also how to bring heavy objects out of the water in a way that is safe.

  • Boat Diving – in this scuba adventure we teach you more about the boats that you will be diving from.

  • Underwater Naturalist Diving – would you like to know the names of the animals and plants that you see while you are scuba diving in the Red Sea?  Then this is for you.

  • Night Diving – James Bond style! We take our underwater torches and we go and look which animals come out at night. Just the same as in game parks, different animals come out at night in the sea and others go to sleep!


The Deep and the Underwater Navigation Dives are compulsory, which leaves you with 3 more to choose from for your PADI Advanced Certification. If you would like to do more than 5 Adventure dives, talk to us about it, it can be arranged!

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